Thank you!

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Our Autumn Hunt 2017 is now over.  Thank you to our wonderful creators and hunters.


{.Gross Princess.}

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This is one of those sets that gives so much atmosphere to a room.  Beautifully textured and low impact so that you can sit back comfortably and take in all the compliments about your decor.

Go grab it here:


{.Gross Princess.} Grandmother's Heirlooms Ad hunt 2017

Full Steam(ing) Ahead!

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Steaming Ahead is a fantastic shop that offers a touch of home to our Autumn Hunt. This chair looks wonderful in any setting and is a bargain at $L10!

Go grab it here:

Antique Side table and Chairs AGS 2017

Spargel & Shine

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Ok….so there are a ton of things I could say about Tess Spargel ( ❤ ) and her Spargel & Shine creations…..but seriously….LOOK!  $L10 in the Autumn hunt and she has more of this set available for sale in her shop.  Are you still here???? Run and grab it here :



Outdoor must haves!

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Dragon Pavillion has this nice Autumn Fountain in the Autumn Hunt. It just begs you to sit with friends and catch up in your garden.  Stitches Creations gives us this wishing well that is perfect for asking for all those things that our heart really desires. Toss a coin in and see where your dreams go 🙂

Both are in the Autumn Hunt and will look lovely in your garden.  Go grab them here:

Dragon Pavillion :

Stitches Creations:

Full Perm!

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You all know how great these Full Perm creators are and their items in the Autumn Hunt are true to form. Clutter – Tool shed – 3D Republic all offer you a way to make your very own, one of a kind item.  At $L10 each, it’s a bargain you can not miss! Thank you to Kat Alderson,  Fallacy Decuir, and Anthonys Republic for always supporting our group and events. You guys are the best!