Full Perm!

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You all know how great these Full Perm creators are and their items in the Autumn Hunt are true to form. Clutter – Tool shed – 3D Republic all offer you a way to make your very own, one of a kind item.  At $L10 each, it’s a bargain you can not miss! Thank you to Kat Alderson,  Fallacy Decuir, and Anthonys Republic for always supporting our group and events. You guys are the best!



“Caprices des Anges”

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Catherine de Tremont, the mind behind “Caprices des Anges”  has this cute Lutjens  bench in the Autumn Hunt.  It has style and charm to spare and will fit perfectly in that empty space you have. Go grab it here :



bancblanc caprece 2017 hunt

Casa de Bebe

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You know how sometimes you just need that special something to make your home stand out? Bebe Begonia, of Casa de Bebe understands that and has this great Gustavian Console Table in the Autumn hunt to fill that need.   Have a look around her shop as there many items there that you need…..you just haven’t  realized it yet. Go grab it here :



The Bohemian Underground

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Bagheera Kristan gives us this beautiful pedestal table and chair set for the Autumn Hunt. The cabbage rose tapestry is really pretty and looks great in whatever setting you choose to make home.  Go grab it here :


[TBU] Radial Elm Pedestal Table and Two Mahogany Chairs

Vintage Touch

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FallFoliagePostcardRackVendorPicI am in LOVE with this vintage postcard rack from Vintage Touch. Elysianne always, ALWAYS, ALLLLWAYS has a great creation for us in the Autumn Hunt and this one brought back so many memories of road trips and searching for just the right postcard to send back to friends. I was never a ” wish you were here” type but I did love the ones that were meant to say ” Look where I am!”  There are additional sets of these available in her shop so have a look around!  Also,  walk across the landing zone to her other shop

{Poeme} .

Crazy Pastry Designs

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Khookie Loon has this wonderful outfit in the Autumn Hunt. It’s a complete outfit and so beautifully made it will make you the envy of the town.  There is so much more to discover in her shop that I know you will return again and again.

Go grab it here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/someday/68/136/18

Vintage Alma - Crazy Pastry Designs


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Hanta is a hunter’s favorite and this year has given us this great cabinet! It’s texture change so it will fit perfectly in your decor and it’s just a lovely addition to any room.

Go grab it here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rosemist%20Isle/189/41/22

Hanta Classic Cabinet Ad1