Merchant Guidelines

Grid Show Guidelines:

1. Participating shops must fit within the criteria of being antique, historic, or period-related.    Possible themes include, but are not limited to the following:
16th Century
17th Century
18th Century
19th Century
Early 20th Century (1900-1950)
Old Western
Slight Steampunk (this is not a Steampunk hunt)

2.  Placement in the hunt is first come, first serve.  However, shops on adult rated land will be at the end of the hunt . We have hunters who cannot access adult rated land for whatever reason.  We must place stores in this manner to provide an easy to follow hunt path.

3.  Please create an item that showcases your creativity and talent.  Do not use reseller items, or business in a box items.

4.  Participating shops are to remain in the hunt throughout the duration of the hunt period, and hunt items may not be removed before the end of the hunt.

5.  We will be utilizing a Shopkeepers group for this hunt. Please make sure to forward either the name of the owner, or a managing alt to accept membership into the group when completing your application.  Your shop must have representation within the hunt during its duration in order to be a part of the hunt.

6.  Please hide the hunt objects, but use good judgment and set up a coordinating and appropriate hint.  Do not make the objects difficult to see, identify or locate.  Use hunt tracks if your object is not easily found in a direct, unobstructed path from the TP you have provided. Among other things, for example:
Do not make the hunt object invisible or semi-transparent.
Do not make the hunt object smaller than the size provided.
Do not hide the hunt object inside another object.
Do not hide the object on or right next to anything that is set to sale, to avoid unintended purchases.
Do not require hunters to read through multiple signs or vendors to understand the hint or find the hunt object.
Do use hunt tracks to provide guidance if the hunt object is more than 20 unobstructed meters from the TP you have provided.
Do use hunt tracks if the hunt item is on another floor, up a staircase or around a wall, etc., even if it is technically within 20 meters.

7.  Please provide a hint at your store location in the provided hint giver.  Hints will not be provided on the blog. You may change your hiding location as you need.

8.  Please adhere to the following guidelines for the hunt object:
– Do have the hunt prize inside
– Do leave the Landmark to the next location inside
– Do leave the landmark to the starting point inside
– Do not add other landmarks
– Do not add other objects for promotion
–  Do not add note cards; if you need directions box up the prize
–  Do not add scripting

9.  Hunt items must be priced accurately.  All hunt items will be set to sell contents at 10L each.

Please verify this is correct by doing the following:
– Edit Mode
– General Tab
–  Checked “For Sale”
– L$10
– Drop down menu to “Contents”

10.  Please provide a Hunt Item Image to showcase on the blog.  This is a required component as we are asking the hunters to purchase the items.


2 thoughts on “Merchant Guidelines

    bacidalucia Oh said:
    October 16, 2016 at 2:29 pm

    cannot see the application for merchants in this site and I would like to apply. Thank you


      Saraphen Calliope said:
      November 7, 2016 at 6:01 pm

      Hello ! I apologize for a slow response. You can apply by contacting me inworld. Our Autumn hunt begins November 13 but I can still place you in it if it’s desirable. Our Winter season promotions will begin in December. Thanks, Sara ( Saraphen Calliope)


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